How To: Fix Your Leaky Faucet


Having a faucet which leaks water continuously isn’t only annoying, but very wasteful. Notice your faucet is leaking? This is an indicator one of the moving parts is worn out. Read on to understand the methods to go about repairing the problem.

Tools You Will Need

Before beginning consider first obtaining:

  • Replaceable Washers
  • Wrench (Preferably Adjustable)
  • Quality Lubricant
  • Philips Screwdriver

picture of tools

Now that you’re ready lets start. Ahead of time. you will find it useful to turn off the water. Handles near the sink must be completely off. Underneath the sink, you will need to shut off the supply on the second set of handles. These control the main water supply. The last thing we want is for your bathroom to become a water park.

Step 1) Remove The Exterior Parts

The most widespread used faucets have decorative parts you will need to remove from the outside. On the bottom side of valve assembly, loosen and remove the screws.  At times, the faucet handles are unable to be removed, this is when a gentle lubricant such as WD-40 is useful.

Step 2) Take Off Packing Nuts & Stem

Once the packing nut is fully loosened, the stem will become visible. Different sink faucets may appear to veer in how they must be dealt with. Make sure not to damage the parts, because you will need to put them back on later.

Step 3) Pull Out The Cartridge

Providing your sink faucet is relatively new, it will include a cartridge. After turning using it many times a day, the moving parts become worn out. Use Pliers to successfully remove the cartridge. Challenges may become apparent during the process, in which it may be the best option to find a plumber near you.

Step 4) Pull Out The O-Ring

Everything should still be in tact. Check the washer and O-Ring for corrosion and pliability. The condition of the O-Ring will often determine whether you have a leak or not. It may be time to take a trip to the hardware store and replace the part. We recommend always taking the old one with to get an exact fit.

hardware store parts

Always purchase a backup in case the faucet starts experiencing problems in a few years, then you will be prepared.

Step 5) Reassemble The Faucet

Now that the root cause has been addressed, you now must put it back together. When doing so, it is vital to put the sink faucet back together the exact same way it was taken apart. Even a minor discrepancy can yield future complications, which is why you should consult the owners manual if you have one.

The new O-Ring should last at minimum five years. Remember, if you a headache during the process, get in touch with a Kenosha Plumbing Company to help resolve the matter.


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