Benefits of Becoming a Plumber


Rewarding Pay & Great Benefits

When looking at the numbers, qualified individuals can live a comfortable living. With a median salary of over 50,000 dollars, money will not be a concern. Veterans may earn anywhere from 60,000-100,000 annually. Starting your own company has the possibility of being even more financially rewarding.

Also, working in most plumbing jobs includes access to a retirement plan (401K) along with health and dental insurance.

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Affordable Education Costs 

With tuition on the rise, the cost of a worthwhile education is always a consideration. Local community colleges for plumbing programs offer incredible courses with a great bang for your buck. Other options including apprenticeship programs should also be kept in mind. A perk of going this route is graduating with little to no student debt from plumbing.

Many Opportunities

Embarking on a career in the plumbing trades opens many doors of opportunities. For example, once the person has the foundational skills and on-the-job training they may choose to:

1) Start a business

2) Work for a residential company

3) Go into commercial applications

The possibilities are endless when equipped with the correct tools. As your business gets established, the choice will become more clear for those in your area for choosing a plumber.

Solving Mental Puzzles

With every job a plumber performs at, the task will be different each time. The plumbing technician has to analyze the problem, then find out the most efficient way to go about solving it. It frequently happens when the person is in an entirely new situation and must improvise on the spot to make it work correctly. Being creative and the ability to think out of the box is sought after in this profession.

Physical Exercise

Save money on a gym membership and get fit on your job. Plumbers need to bend down, crouch, and fit into small tiny spaces. Strength is needed in this field to complete projects.

Social Interaction

Another advantage of being a plumber is feeling appreciated at every job. People that need an expert will certainly feel grateful one is able to service their issue. They will be happy someone is able to fix their stubborn toilet, leaky faucet, prevent water damage etc.

All in all, the pros of getting into the industry outweigh the possible negatives immensely. Serving your community and local area is not only is intrinsically satisfying, but likewise comes with tangible monetary gains.

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